Residential Plumbing

Looking for a plumber for your new home?

RPI Plumbing & Fire is a family owned business based out of Vancouver, WA since 1995 providing residential plumbing in the state of Washington and Oregon. We have a team of dedicated hard working plumbers that take great pride in what they do and will undertake whatever is needed to make sure that the job is done correctly and that you are 100 percent satisfied with final result.

Save time and money!

If you have hired RPI Plumbing & Fire to install your fire sprinklers we can take of your plumbing at the same time, As a fully licensed plumber we have the skills to integrate your house plumbing with your fire sprinkler system, saving you time and money.

Consolidate your fire sprinklers and plumbing.

Building a new house can be stressful with multiple contractors competing for space and schedules, why not simplify the process by having us take care of your plumbing and fire sprinklers, by hiring us for both you will gain the benefit of having a well integrated plumbing/fire system that will be problem free for many years. We will design your fire sprinklers and plumbing systems to complement each other and work beautifully together with no conflicts.

Fire Sprinkler Installers Washington and Oregon