Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire is fast. Would you have time to escape a home fire?

Did you know a house fire can become deadly in as little as two minutes? Fires burn quickly and are more deadly today because of what we have in our homes. Our furniture and belongings are made of plastics and synthetics that make fires burn faster – and they produce deadly smoke. Common unprotected lightweight building materials, flooring and open designs can cause fires to spread quickly.

Many people assume that if there is a fire all the sprinklers will turn on and cause water damage throughout the house, but this is not the case, each individual sprinkler is activated by temperature so if you have a fire in one room only the sprinkler head in that room will open.

Our understanding of proper sprinkler system design, installation, and function means we take pride in our work and the fire sprinkler system installation service we do to help keep you and your property safe in the case of catastrophic emergencies.

RPI is licensed in the states of Washington and Oregon to design and install level NFPA 13D and 13R residential fire sprinkler systems. We work closely with the fire marshall on all of our fire sprinkler installations to be sure that all the work is done in total compliance of the local and state codes. Before we leave a job site we make sure that everything is 100% done correctly and working properly so that if the time ever comes that the sprinkler system is needed there will be no problems and your family will be protected.

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